Best HVAC Warranty

Cuesta’s Air Conditioning & Heating is one of the few HVAC companies that offers a complete, competitively-priced parts and labor HVAC warranty. Mechanical breakdowns with HVAC units can be expensive. Our highly-trained technicians are available to help assist with an extended service solution that will put your worries at rest.

HVAC Warranty Benefits

Protect your investment with a complete extended warranty at an affordable price to save money in the long haul.

Affordable Pricing

most competitively-priced HVAC warranties

Complete Coverage

our warranty covers both parts and labor

Fast Claims

claim reimbursements in 15 business days or less

Multiple Repairs

multiple repairs are covered without penalty

2 Years To Purchase

purchase warranties up to 24 months after HVAC installation date

ALL Brands Covered

warranty can be purchased for ALL major HVAC brands

Protect Your Air Conditioning & Heating System

Get protected against unexpected air conditioning and heating repair costs. We offer the best HVAC warranty in the industry. Our warranty plans cover all repair costs of a mechanical breakdown including parts and labor.

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