We can help when it comes to choosing an air conditioning unit that is best for your home or business. You probably have specific needs such as energy efficiency or reduced airflow noise. Here are the most common questions we ask and assess before making a new AC unit recommendation.

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If so, we will implement an efficient solution that will provide adequate airflow to all rooms of the home.

You may currently have a noisy AC system. Consequently, that can be quite annoying for you, your family, and guests. We can provide a solution to drastically reduce the sound of your HVAC unit. Therefore, you won’t hear it when it’s running.

There are several ways we can help keep your central air conditioning system from consuming too much energy. First of all, a properly maintained AC unit is essential. An HVAC system running efficiently will consume less energy.

If we are involved from the beginning, we can help save on the AC installation cost. Most of all, our expert HVAC contractors will help plan an efficient solution. As a result, your central air conditioning system will provide optimal airflow.

We can setup your new AC system with a thermostat that connects to your mobile device or tablet. Therefore, you can conveniently control your central air conditioning from anywhere in the home.

Breathing quality indoor air is essential to maintain good health. Due to the heat in Florida, residents and business professionals spend most of their time indoors. We have several solutions to produce and maintain a high level of indoor air quality by eliminating pollutants. We sell high-quality air purification systems and offer solutions to control humidity levels.

Two-Stage Air Conditioners Produce Better Results

Everyone likes to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. Therefore, we would recommend a two-stage air conditioner to be installed. A two-stage air conditioner runs on a lower setting until the temperature rises. It then switches to a higher setting, hence saving energy. It will provide more cooling in addition to removing twice as much humidity as a single-stage air conditioner. As a result, there is less chance of getting mold and the air will be healthier.

Combining An Air Purifier With Your AC Unit

Indoor air quality is a common concern for almost all homeowners and businesses when choosing an air conditioning unit. In addition to reducing humidity levels with the right AC unit, an air purifier can help control unhealthy air pollutants. This includes dust mites, bacteria, and pollen that can cause headaches, eye irritation, allergies and fatigue. Air purifiers also remove odors and chemical vapors. Consequently, this combination produces a healthier, higher-quality air to breathe.

We can help choose the right AC unit that fits your needs while meeting your budget. Schedule a free AC unit estimate and we’ll also include the total cost of the AC installation service.


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