When considering a local company to handle your AC installation service in Port St. Lucie, FL, you may have a few questions before starting. We’ve provided some useful information here about our air conditioning installation process so you know what to expect. You may be looking to get a brand new HVAC unit for a new home or business. Alternatively, you may need to replace an old central air conditioning system that doesn’t run efficiently. Either way, it’s important to consider several factors that we’ve provided below.

AC Installation Cost

The first step in getting a new air conditioner installed starts with scheduling an estimate so we can determine your needs and provide an accurate price. Cuesta’s Air Conditioning & Heating offers free AC installation estimates in Port St. Lucie, FL and surrounding cities on the Treasure Coast. Most importantly, our goal is to provide an accurate plan and price before moving forward.

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Before AC Installation

First of all, we have to visit your location in order to thoroughly assess the situation to gather as much insight as possible. Therefore, we can determine the best AC unit for your home or business. We also ask a series of questions before choosing an air conditioning unit that’s right for you. Here are some common questions from our customers that we’ve answered to help understand the process.

AC Installation Port St. Lucie, FL - Cuesta's Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc

There are many factors we assess before making a new AC unit recommendation. For example, you may have concerns of energy usage or indoor air quality.

In order to properly choose the right size air conditioner, a professional HVAC technician will need to come to your location and provide a total assessment. After we help choose the unit and system for your home or business, then we can schedule a time for the AC installation service.

A typical AC installation service takes 1-3 days, depending on the size of the home, challenging locations, indoor air quality needs, and the amount of HVAC units that are being installed. The actual installation process usually takes 8-14 hours.

Yes. During this time, we will put a temporary unit at no cost to our customers. Therefore, we can provide instant cooling relief.

No, we just need access to the home or location.

After AC Installation

Our professional HVAC technicians explain the everything that was completed and educate our customers on their new system. We provide an installation and owner’s manual, in addition to the warranty registration. After we program the thermostat for the customer, we explain how to use the new thermostat and central air conditioning system. Furthermore, we double check the whole system. We finally schedule an inspection date three to four weeks with the city of Port St. Lucie. Hence, we can make sure the installation is up-to-code due to city regulation.

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